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Throw-in / Indkast 2006

- Dance show by Tali Razga (Zeppelin Theater,
September 6-17th)


Castle of sand / Sandslottet 2006

- Dance show by Tali Razga (At The Second
Opera, January 6-15th)


Shall we dance / Skal vi danse 2005

- Dance show by Tali Razga & Anja Jørgensen


Settle / Aflejre 2004

- Art film by Mette Vangsgaard & Pernille
Priergarrd Worsøe (For the Art Museum of


Toves Christmas / Toves jul 2003

- P3 Radio Christmas calendar by Jessica Nielson

Sexstar 2003

- Disc for the Danish Health Authority for 9th grade pupils of elementary school (withdrawn by the Minister for Health)


The little driverslicence / Det lille kørekort 2003

- Children’s traffic video by Hello Joof & Peter

Voices of winter / Vinterstemmer 2003

- Theater play by Eva Littauer (stages by Husets Teater)

With Stupidity Even the Gods Struggle in Vain /

Mod tåber slår selv guderne forgæves 2002

- Radio play for P1 by Carsten Rudolf

Crazy 2001

- Theater play by Lise Jørgensen (At Kaleidoskop Theater)

Ghost / Genfærd 2000

- Theater play by Carsten Rudolf

(At the Royal Danish Theater)


Pelleas & Melisande 1998

- Theater play by Tine Gybel (At Kaleodoskop Theater)

Sex and hunger / Sex og sult 1995

- Radio play for P1 by Carsten Rudolf

(Nordic Radio Award 1996)


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