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Elephant in the Room.jpg

An Elephant In The Room 2020
- Documentary by Katrine Philp
(Premiere at SXSW Film Festival March 2020)

colombia in my arms.jpg

Colombia In My Arms (2020)
- Documentary by Jenni Kivistö & Jussi Rastas
(Winner of Dragon Award for Best Nordic Documentary at Göteborg Film Festival 2020)


De skygger vi arver 2019
- Documentary by Susanne Kovacs
(Nominated for a Dragon Award for Best Nordic Documentary at Göteborg Film Festival 2020) 

Qs_Filmens billede_fotokredit_Anders_Nyd

Q's Barbershop 2019
- Documentary by Emil Langballe. 
(Bodil Award winner for best documentary 2020. Nominated as Best Documentary at Robert Awards Show)


I Limbo 2019
- Documentary by Anja Dalhoff


Væbnet med ord & vinger 2018

- Documentary by Torben Skjødt-Jensen 

Dreams by the Sea 2017

- feature film by Sakaris Stórá


Home in the World

Hjemme I verden 2017

( film about Kirsten Thorup)

- Documentary by Torben Skjødt Jensen and Linda Wendel

Præsidenten fra Nordvest 2017

- Documentary by

Lars Feldballe-Petersen

Dancing with Monica 2017

-dokumentarfilm af Anja Dalhoff

Shadows 2016

- Documentary by Anne Gyrithe Bonne

Waiting for the Sun /

De dømtes børn 2015

- Documentary by

Kaspar Astrup Schröder


Opfindelsen og min far 2015

- Documentary by Benjamin Hesselholdt

Børge Mogensen - Designs for Life /

Møbler til tiden - Børge Mogensen 2015

- Dokumentarfilm af Thomas Mogensen og Casper Høyberg


Soy Cubana / Jeg, en Cubansk kvinde 2015

- Documentary by Anja Dalhoff

Roskilde 2008

- Documentary by Ulrik Wivel


Comeback 2007

- Feature film by Ulrik Wivel

Født til filmen - Stine Bierlich 2015

- Documentary by Linda Wendel

Trafficker 2015

- Documentary by Anja Dalhoffg


Sensitive Souls / Såbare Sjæle 2015

- Documentary by af Anja Dalhoff


(We Are Journalists / Vi er journalister 2014

- Documentary by Ahmad Jalali Farahani
(nominated for a Bodil award, 2015)


My life after trafficking / 

Mit liv efter trafficking 2014

- Doumentarfilm af Anja Dalhoff 2013


De udvalgte 2013

- Documentary by Katrine Philp


Den gode vækst 2013

- Documentary by Birgit Nissen


Banditten 2013

- Documentary by Mette Krogsgaard 2012

The Fight About the Chemicals /

Kampen om kemikalierne 2007

- Documentary by Lars Feldballe Petersen


Knowledge for the Future /

Viden til fremtiden 2007

- Documentary by Jørgen Flindt Petersen


The Cliffwood / Klinteskoven 2007

- Documentary by Rumle Hamerich


The cost of sensuality /

Sanseligheden pris 2007

- Documentary by Jørgen Flindt Petersen 


Someone like you 2006

- Documentary by Nanna Frank Møller


Are you playing tonight – Erland Josephson  / Spelar du ikvall - Erland Josephson 2006

- Documentary by Torben Skjødt Jensen

Dear God 2006

- Documentary by Lise Bork Pedersen


Six years with Lissi and Michael /

Seks år med Lissi og Michael 2006

- Documentary in three parts by

Anja Dalhoff

A mad, a lover or a poet – H. C Andersen

En gal, en elsker eller en poet - H. C. Andersen 2005

Documentary feature

by Anne Regitze Wivel

Almost Perfect / Sover Dolly på ryggen 2012

- Feature film by Hella Joof


Versions / Versioner 2012

- Graduation film from Super16

by Christina Christensen


Den ubegribelige død 2012

- Documentary by Anja Dalhoff


Min Barndom i helvede 2012

- Documentary by Mette Krogsgaard


Svend 2011

- Documentary by Anne Regitze Wivel


Daddy / Far 2011

- Short film by Per Dreyer


Tomrum 2011

- Short film by Christina Christensen 

Lady of no fear / 

Aung San Suu Kyi 2010

- Documentary by Anne Gyrithe Bonne


Pølsesnak 2010

- Short film by Christina Christensen


Manipulation 2010

- Super16 film by Christina Christensen


With Robots in Mind /

Robotprofessoren – jorden rundt 2010

- Documentary by Robert Fox


Dronningens Danmark 2010

- Documentary by Ulrik Wivel og Jakob

On Gods side / På Guds parti 2006

- Documentary in three parts

by Birgit Nissen 2005


Crossing the line / Hvor går grænsen 2005

- Documentary by Lars Feldballe


Faces (My film about Greenland) / Menneskenes Land - Min film om Grønland 2005

- Documentary feature by

Anne Regitze Wivel

It's a blue world 2010

- Documentary by Torben Skjødt-Jensen 2009


Mærket for livet 2009

- Documentary by Anja Dalhoff


Headhunter 2009

- Feature film by Rumle Hammerich

Shanghai Space 2009

- Documentary by af Nanna Frank Møller


My Own Private Submarine /

Min helt egen ubåd 2009

- Documentary by Robert Fox


Thea and the Leopard /

Thea og Leoparden 2009

- TV mini-Series by Lisa Aschen

Hush little baby / Se min kjole 2009

- Feature film by Hella Joof


Romeo & Julius 2009

- Documentary by Sabine Hviid 2008


Kidney on Ice 2008

- Documentary by Anja Dalhoff


Natasha Is Not For Sale 2008

- Documentary by Anja Dalhoff


And that was Denmark /

Og det var Danmark 2008

- Documentary by Mads Kamp Thulstrup

Becomming a Guerilla Girl /

Guerilla Girl 2005

- Documentary feature by Frank Piasechi
Poulsen (Nominated in the main contest at
IDFA Amsterdam + CPH:DOX 2005)


Aarhus 2005

- City portrait by Jørgen Leth - arranger for
Lars H.U.G’s music


The mind of my father /

Min fars sind 2005

- Documentary by Vibe Mogensen (Odense
International Film Festival 2005 Special Prize and Bergen Nordisk Panorama 2005 Special Mention


The Swenkas 2004

- Documentary by Jeppe Rønde (Nominated for the Joris Ivens Award, Danish and international awards and CPH:DOX 2005)


Rukon – in search of lost time /

Rukov - På sporet af den tabte tid 2004

- Documentary by Flemming Lyngse


Normarlerweize 2004

- TV satire in eight episodes by Lærke Winther Andersen and Anna Neye Poulsen


Womens lives / Kvindeliv 2004

- Documentary by Katrine Borre

- incollaboration with Hilmer Hassig


This is me walking 2004

- Graduation film from Super16 by Ulrik Wivel (Robert award for short film of the year 2005)


Boomerang Boy 2004

- Documentary by Finn Nørgaard and Martinde Tura


The time of miracles / Miraklernes tid 2004

- Documentary by Lene Stæhr

and Alec Due


Living Miracles 2004

- Documentary by Lene Stæhr

and Alec Due


The Kingdom of Pigs /

Svine Riget - Magtens billeder 2004

- Documentary by Christian Schou


Wrath of Ulla /

Ullas vrede - Magtens billeder 2004

- Documentary by Lars Mortensen

Max by chance / Rejsen på ophavet 2004

- Documentary by Max Kestner (Winner of
Best Short Documentary, 2004 at CPH:DOX)


Young in a porn-age /

Ung i en pornotid 2004

- Documentary series by Anja Dalhoff


Blue Collar White Christmas /

Nede på jorden 2003

- Documentary feature by Max Kestner
(Robert award - The Special prize of Jury 2005 and winner of best documentary feature, 2004 at CPH:DOX)

The Talking Muse / Den talende muse

– samtaler med Asta Nielsen 2003

- Documentary feature by Torben Skjødt


River of time 2003

- Film portrait of Professor Igor Novikov by
Robert Fox (Exhibited at Museum of Modern Art in New York i 2006)


Fear X – Trailer 2003

- Trailer for feature film by Nicolas Winding
Refn in collaboration with Peter Peter

My life as a Scottish Terrier /

Mit liv som skotte 2003

- Documentary series in three parts by Anja Dalhoff


The Accident / Ulykken 2003

- Graduation film from the National Film
School of Denmark by Paul Madsen

Change / Skift 2002

- Dance film by Tali Razga

Blue Collar White Christmas / 

Nede på jorden 2002

- Documentary series in six episodes by Max Kestner


The green truck /

Den grønne lastbil 2002

- Documentary by Niels Boel


The young and wild / De vilde unge 2002

- Documentary series in three parts by Anja Dalhoff


The woman from the other side /

Kvinden fra den anden side 2001

- midway sfilm from the National Film School of Denmark by Daniel Espinosa

Shake it all about / En kort en lang 2001

- Feature film by Hella Joof (Danish Music
Award for Soundtrack of the Year)


A mess in the family /

Rod i familien 2001

- Documentary series in two parts

by Anja Dalhoff


Happy circumstances /

Lykkelige omstændigheder 2000

- Documentary series in three parts by Gitte Lykkegaard


Loser! / Taber! 1999

- Short film by Jessica Nielson

Seth 1999

- Short film by Anders Regn

(Short film of the Year at Odense Documentary Film Festival, 2000) 


Let’s get lost 1997

- Feature film by Jonas Elmer

(Robert award for Best Score, 1998)


Pusher 1996

- Feature film by Nicolas Winding Refn

- in collaboration with Peter Peter

Two on a couch / To mand i en sofa 1994

- Feature film by Amir Rasecedeck


Fist full of bullets 1994

- Short film by Nicolas Winding Refn


My love / Min elskede 1993

- Short film by Carsten Rudolf


Brainstorm 1993

- Graduation film from the National Film
School of Denmark by Martin Delima 1992


Gigolo 1992

- Short film by Carsten Rudolf

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