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Shanghai Space - 2009

- documentary by Nanna Frank Møller

Music credits:
Composer: Povl Kristian
El-Cello: Sebastian Oeberg
Cello: Eugene Hye-Knudsen
Bass: Flemming Muus Tranberg
Piano, celeste, keys: Povl Kristian
Music producer: Povl Kristian, Flemming Muus Tranberg
Keynote productions / zufi-studiet

Production company: Bastard Film A/S 

with support from Det Danske Filminstitut
Instructo: Nanna Frank Møller
Script: Nanna Frank Møller
Produktion: Helle Faber
Film editor: Åsa Mossberg
Sound: Niels Arild, Guo Jing
Composer: Povl Kristian

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